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UNIDO TEST-Methodology Continues Making Sustainability Impact on Niger Basin Industry

Project TEST-Niger continues making impact and transforming industry in Niger Basin by building capacities and raising awareness of sustainable and resource efficient industrial practices. 

Within the framework of the ‘Science Days’ at the University of Nangui Abrogoua (JS-UNA 2023) on November 22-23, UNIDO-trained TEST-Expert Dr. Gnagne Agness Essoh Jean Eudes Yves, has delivered a gripping presentation of Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology (TEST)-methodology audit process, and the economic and environmental benefits of resource monitoring and efficiency in industrial production to an audience of 150 participants from academia, public and private sectors. 

The event was organized in partnership with the Ministry  of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the National Agricultural Research Center (CNRA) , Pasteur Institute of Cote d’Ivoire and the Science, Innovation and Technology Fund (FONSTI) showcasing research projects at the intersection of science, technology, industry and agriculture. 

Transferring environmentally sound technologies (TEST) to industries in the Niger basin is not only key to green sustainable industrialization and economic development in the region, but also an effective method to protect water resources, preserve water quality and prevent water pollution at source. TEST methodology helps companies identify and reduce their raw material consumption and pollution loads in the Niger river and at the same time optimize their costs and improve economic performance and competitiveness.

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