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Innovative Measures for Green Production Methods

UNIDO teams provide support and target both the technological aspects and the sustainable management of the company in order to modernize the industrial tools of the companies involved.

Identification and Focus on Points and

  • Identification of priority flows
  • Identification of priority areas
  • Identification of essential process needs (major sources of losses)
  • Identification of sources of pollution and waste.

Setting Up a Management Information System For ERPP

  • Use of the MFCA tool to set up an information system on the performance of the ERPP
  • Training and upgrading the skills of the people in charge of production control
  • Definition and implementation of eco-production measures and solutions

Actual Performance

  • Use of materials/energy following international standards
  • BAT benchmarks and standards
  • Establishment of a baseline using MFCA data
  • Quantification of non-product production costs (NPS costs) to reveal the real cost of inefficiency/pollution

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