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To increase productivity

The TEST methodology offers companies the opportunity to increase productivity by consuming less raw materials, water and energy. The result is an improvement in their turnover.
Acquire better control of production costs.
Quantify non-product production costs (NPS costs) to reveal the real cost of inefficiency/pollution.
Achieve productivity gains by using less raw materials, water and energy.
Reach new market segments through improved competitiveness.
Renew your industrial park thanks to the savings made through the TEST approach.
To anticipate or comply with government and regional authorities' environmental regulations.
Improve relationships with customers, stakeholders (investors, lessors...) and increase opportunities by accessing new market segments (global supply chains, new green markets, green public procurement, etc.).

Strong Corporate Social Responsibility

The TEST methodology commits the beneficiary companies to a strong Corporate Social Responsibility approach as well as to compliance with the highest standards of quality.

To recycle residues/waste in a more sustainable way.
Monitoring the safe use of substances that are hazardous to humans and the environment.
Start a transition to greener or more ecosystem-friendly technologies.
Highlight your positive environmental footprint in your CSR approach.
Renew your industrial park thanks to the savings made through the TEST approach.
Benefit from tools, methodologies and resources to apply for ISO 14001, ISO 50001 or equivalent certification.
Strengthen the capacity of your internal teams on environmental issues.
Increase the environmental culture of your employees and your company.

Sustainable development of my community

By integrating the TEST methodology within my company, I commit myself to the sustainable development of my community and the safeguarding of my country’s natural heritage
Commit to the enhancement of the sub-regional heritage.
Become a successful model of a company with sustainable production methods.
Improve visibility as a company committed to the preservation of local resources.
Highlight our positive environmental footprint in our CSR approach.
Initiate a transition towards a pioneering model of eco-production.
Enhance our positive impact on the socio-economic development of our community and country.
Improve our reputation and visibility with stakeholders (public institutions, investors, donors, service providers, public institutions, investors, banks, regulatory bodies, local communities, consumer associations, populations, etc.).

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