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Technical expertise mission to industrial sites in Garoua, Cameroon, November 14-18, 2022

As part of the deployment of the TEST Niger methodology, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) organized a sectoral expertise mission to Garoua, in the northern region of Cameroon, from November 14 to 18, 2022. Capital of the Northern Province of Cameroon and the main city in the North of the country, Garoua is an important economic and especially industrial basin.

The purpose of the visit to these industries in the pharmaceutical, agro-industry and brewery sectors was to explain the TEST methodology, including steps 1.5, which highlights the areas in the company that generate the most significant share of total non-product output (NPI) costs, and step 1.6, which analyzes the causes of significant material and energy losses and pollution generation.The working sessions also included training sessions for local staff of the companies, confirming the emphasis of the Test project on skills transfer and the appropriation of upgrading tools and technologies by in-house teams.

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